The exhibition "Think about yourself" at the Gallery By the way in Bergen 2001.
I thought it was interesting to blow up an egocentric perspective in the public space. A perspective that is interesting only to me but at the same time recognisable to everyone.

big pict.

big pict

At the Gallery ”By the Way”, which consists of five big ”shoppingwindows” in the centre of Bergen. At this site I wanted to use the possibility that I had to play with and to answer the flow of pictures that exists in the cityroom and which mostly has a commercial purpose.
I simply showed me and my relatives. Five big portraits. One for each window applied with a plain account whom each person is (from my perspective): ”Me”, ”My mother”, ”My father”, ”My grandmother”, ”My grandfather”.

More info about Galleri By The Way: www.galleribtw.no

big pict.