Cloned Acting/
Klonad Föreställning 1998 - 2000
Video documentation

big pict.

Cloned acting in the installation Cloned Home, Bergen 2000.
Sissel Sannes and Torkil Sandsund are acting reversed in the installation.
Ilona Huss Walin wrote manuscript and directed the performance.

Cloned acting in
Uddevalla, Sweden 2000.

Cloned Acting at
Atalante, Göteborg 1998.

Two actors - a man and a woman - are acting reversed in the installation “Cloned home”.
Act 1: Sitting by the table having breakfast and reading (in the Newspaper) an analytic article about pensionsystems and how the information about pensionsystems should get more clear and efficiant. During the reading the actors get a little bit happy. Later they get sad which end up in an enormous physical burst of wound.
Act 2: Sitting in the sofa watching a TV-soap. The Soap-dialogues comes out of their mouths (insted of a TV). Meanwhile the dialogues keep coming out of their mouths they are getting comfortable in the sofa, fixing with their blanket and changing positions all the time reversed.