Cloned Home/ Klonat Hem

“Cloned home” is a double home where both sides are exactly the same, but symmetrical, as if they where eachothers mirror – but there is no mirror, both sides are real.
The double home also ”melts together” on it´s middle line. I have cut the things and furnitures that meet the middleline and put them together again. (The teapots where for example cut and put together before they were burnt). The thoroughfull execution is an important aspect in this piece. It creates a contrast to it´s playfull and naiv aspect: “This represents a Cloned Home”.
Cloned Home was created during a period when cloning was a "hot" subject and it was also a time when photoshoped "cloned pictures" (two-dimensional) where popular in advertisment. Cloned Home is a threedimensional double home - contrary to a photoshoped twodimensional picture of a double home.

Foto of the installation Cloned Home, at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen 2000. The room is 60 square meters and the public could go in to the installation. Big picture
Very big picture.

Cloned Home was originally shown in Stockholm in 1998 in connection with the European Cultural City.
Cloned Home in Stockholm 1998.
Cloned Home in Malmö Rooseum, 2005