Vardagsstjärnans Musikvideos  

Here I sing A Donna Summer song by a waterfall in a forest. Produced 1999-2000.

Here I sing an Aretha Franklin song on a field. Produced 1999-2001

I make music videos where I sing and act myself.
There´s no music only my voice. I think it´s exciting to see how they turn out when I do them myself. I try to do them as well excecuted as possible. The biggest difference between my videos and professional videos is that I alone have the controle. I am myself the editor, coreografer, stylist, dubber, singer, sound and visual technician... At the same time I am the star!

See video (fragments)

The four pictures are stills from a serie of music videos that are 3-7 minutes long, produced from 1998 - 2001.


The Vardagsstjärnan project is a picture of a culture. Vardagsstjärnan is a figure that corresponds to the starcult - the wish to have the confirmation that the famous star´s have.

I have since 1998 worked with Vardagsstjärnan in the form of Music videos and performance. I see my project as a critical exploration of the fenomenon music industry and entertainment business and the dreams that are created to for example become a star. I also see my work as a playfull game with the same phenomenon where I become as involved as those who are dreaming.

There is an exciting developement doing the videos. They have a self delivering tendency. I work hard with the "craft to bee a star". I don´t show my distance. It seems embarrassing but it is actually made with love (because I don´t joke on others costs). The whole project is enthusiastic: Yes! Yes! Yes! We may! We may! At the same time there is a more tragic picture of the lonely narcissist.

(English translation of the swedish title Vardagsstjärnan is difficult. Everyday star or Workingday star is maybee the closest but it´s still not the same.)

Here I sing a Joni Mitchell song in a desert. Produced 1999.

Here I sing a Tina Turner song in an old metall workshop. Produced 1998.