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What if I was a rat?, 2002
(Ilona Huss Walin)
Realtimefilm at nonTVTVstation, Stockholm 2002.

Still From the realtime film “What if I was a rat?”, 2002 . One of the eight camera angles from the appartement box where the rats were living.

The realtime film “What if I was a rat?” is a performance that was broadcasted directly from the studio of nonTVTVstation night and day from 7 okt. - 10 nov. 2002.
I built a human home for rats, but in the scale of the rats. In this home four rats where living during five weeks. I dokumented there lives in the appartement with eight cameras peaking in from different angels. The appartement box was placed at the “nonTVTVstation” during the five weeks. The scenario was directly broadcasted from there and sent to a streamed videopicture on the internet and to different artmuseums in Scandinavia, among others Kiasma (Helsinki) and ModernaMuséet (Stockholm). The streamed realtime film was continously shifting between the eight camera angles from the rats “appartement”.

More info about the project.

At Moderna Muséet in Stockholm, oktober 2002. The rats lives where broadcasted directly from the nonTVTVstation to this projection.

The studio of nonTVTVstation (Stockholm).
The “rat appartement”, with the rats, was dokumented by eight cameras from eight different angles.
The rats were very well taken care of with good food, lot of space and lots of love.
No cruelty to animals here.