Concept: Vardagsstjärnan - Live.

To go out with a loud speaker and speak out /preach my own written texts.
I did the project in connection with my degreeshow wich was an artproject out in the cityroom. My intention was not to "meet a new public" or "leave the artinstitutions". This project rather comments the phenomenon "art leaving the institutions" etc. I simply use the cityroom as a situation which becomes an important part of my performance.

On the other hand this work is about doing instead of talking about doing. It is also about visualizing the process - it was something that the "public" in the city room could experience physically and visually.

It was very challenging to me, to have frequent performances talking and singin my own written texts with loud speakers in the cityroom, and that was an important part of the concept in this work. I new that I would develop from this. And people that happened to be around, in the cityroom, had contact with this process weather they wanted it or not. Therefore I think it in some sence was developing for them also.

There is an exciting developement doing the performances. They have a self delivering tendency. I don´t show my distance. It seems embarrassing but it is actually made with love (because I don´t joke on others costs). The whole project is enthusiastic: Yes! Yes! Yes! We may! We may! At the same time there is a more tragic picture of the lonely narcissist.

Having a performance in the cityroom is a big difference from having it in a galleryspace or on a theaterstage. In the cityroom you have to use bigger gests to be seen (That was also my main goal - to be seen. It probably seemed a bit desperate but it was an important part of my experiment). Therefore I used rather theatrical stereotypical roles, like the popstar or the preacher, combined with being myself speaking and singing my texts.

Ilona Huss Walin