The Hamburg schoolclass is
discussingthe pr-video that they are about to make.

Öznur, one of the sudents is filming
oneof her favorit places in Hamburg.

During the big opening of Artgenda
the schoolclass donated their
alternativepr-video to the city.

City promotion by citizens - during Artgenda 2002 in Hamburg.

For Artgenda 2002 in Hamburg I invited a Hamburg school class to create their own promotion video about Hamburg. This was meant as an answer to and an alternative to the official pr-video “Hamburg a perfect day” which presents Hamburg at the official Hamburg homepage: www.hamburg.de
Process: During spring 2002 the Hamburg school class made (with my help) an alternative pr-video about Hamburg.
Performance: During the big opening of Artgenda, in june with thousand witnesses, the schoolclass donated their alternative pr-video to the city of Hamburg (represented by Lord Mayor). The school class suggested that also their video should be used to officially promote the city of Hamburg.
Video installation: On two big videoprojections, outdoors, the public could compare the official pr-video (from hamburg.de) and the alternative pr-video, created by the school class. The blue frames around the two videofilms (see the picture below) consisted of constant headlines telling those facts to the viewers.
On two big videoprojections the public could compare the two perspectives
of the city - official and alternative promotion.

“City promotion by citizens” is made in relation to the big artbiennal Artgenda 2002. I thought it was an interesting turn of situation when I, as an invited Gothenburgh artist, arranged so that a Hamburg school class created their own “alternative city promotion video” and donated it to the city of Hamburg. My project was meant as an answer to the Artgenda situation - an Artbiennal where one of the main purposes is that culture advertises the participating cities. I also chose to do this project because it was a challenge to me, to engage a Hamburg school class and together with them create something which was supposed to challenge the established view of whom should represent and present a city. On the other hand this project is also a comment to the expectation on me as an artist to be critical and alternative. To make “alternative city promotion” is a paradox in itself and I think it problematizes my role as an artist.
More information about the project here.