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  Official city promotion.   City promotion by citizens.  
Video intro. 3,5min.


Still from the promotion video "Hamburg, a perfect day" at the official website Click here to see this video.

School class 10b, Klosterschule Hamburg. They have created an alternative pr-video about Hamburg.

The Hamburg
school class
donated their
new promotion
video to "Stadt
Hamburg" and
suggested that it
alsoshould be used
officially to promote Hamburg for tourists.

Click here to see their video: You arrive at artgendaTV streamarchive - find City promotion by citizens further down.

Rainer Scheppelmann was a Senate speaker when he ordered the film Hamburg a perfect day.   Ilona Huss Walin, has invited a Hamburg school class to create their own promotion video about Hamburg.

The official and the alternative video was shown together out in the city room.

Class 10b meets during a TV-show. is the official website that offersinfomation
about Hamburg.
Artgenda is an art biennal
produced by North East European cities. This year Hamburg is the hosting city.
  "Stadt Hamburg" =
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg =
City state of Hamburg