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The project "Hamlet with my neighbours", 2004.

"No icecream Ofelia!" Ofelia is not allowed to do what she wants. For example she may not eat icecream.

Klara and Mina are amused by themselves and eachother when they are acting men.

In the project "Hamlet with my neighbours" I worked with my neighbours - Amanda, Agnes, Mina, Nike, Nelly, Klara, och Torun - a gang of seven 10-year old girls. At home on our backyard we worked together on the drama Hamlet of Shakespeare. In a videowork I take up the process from exercises to finished performance.

Ofelia (Nike) gets the idea together with her friend Horatia (Amanda) that she should pretend to be crazy to scare her father and brother whom wants to control her.

We met every afternoon on our backyard, for seven weeks, to discuss the story of Hamlet and practice the scenes. Astrid Askberger was engaged to videofilm our work. The girls used eachother and me, as public and critics, when practicing the scenes. In the end of the process they got their decided roles and they where very engaged in the story as a whole and in eachothers roles. They performed their play in the backyard for neighbours and relatives the 1 juli 2004.

Following changes are added into our version of the Hamletstory:
- Ofelia has a friend whom is called Horatia.
- Ofelia asks if she also may go to France just like her brother Laertes.
- Ofelia decides to pretend to be crazy. (In the original version it´s only Hamlet that pretends to be crazy while Ofelia becomes crazy).
- Ofelia laughs at Hamlet when he tells her to go to a nunnery.
- Ofelia jokes with the court through making fright of herself during the theatre.
- Ofelia terrorises the queen and the king and her brother Laertes, pretending to be crazy.
- Ofelia pretends to be dead. She rents a doctor whom should say that she is dead.
- Ofelia walks away from her grave. She got tired of pretending to be dead.
- Ofelia challenges the queen in a duell and wins half the kingdom.
- Ofelia shares the kingdom with her friend Horatia since all the others has died.

Ofelia (Nelly) pretends to be crazy to make her surroundings unsure and confused.
Klaudius the King (Klara) speaks to Laertes (Nelly) how they should get rid of Hamlet.
"To be or not to be…" Agnes is practicing Hamlets speach while the others are listening.