Back to Hamlet hemma på gården Videofragments (5 min)
Hamlet with my neighbours, 2004
video installation at Stenasalen, Göteborgs Konstmuseum.

In the project “Hamlet hemma på gården” I worked with my neighbours, a gang of seven 10-year old girls. At home on our backyard we worked together on the drama Hamlet of Shakespeare. In a videowork I try to describe the inclined process and the girls respons to the old story.

Two projections showed the situation from the same moment but from different perspectives.
The left projection: A cameraman followed our work with a moving camera.
The right projection: A static camera followed our work on the yard from a distance (different angles everyday).
The reason for showing two camera perspectives was to call attention to both the girls practice, the camera watching the girls, and the environmental situation from a distance.
A stair to sit on to see the videoprojection. A table with info about the project.To the right you could read the changes that the girls and I had created in our interpretation of the drama.