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"Hamlet with my neighbours", 2004.
Video project, video 1 hour.

”No icecream Ophelia!” Ophelia is not allowed to do what she wants. For example eat icecream.

Klara and Mina are amused by eachother when they are acting men.



Ophelia (Nike) and her friend Horatia (Amanda) comes up with the idea that she will pretend that she is crazy to frighten her father and brother who wants to dictate on her.

In the project “Hamlet with my neighbours” I worked with my neighbours, a gang of seven 10-year old girls. At home on our backyard we worked together on Shakespears drama Hamlet. In a video work I try to describe the inclined process and the girls responce to the old story, where also the spatial situation is deliberately visualized. Astrid Askberger was engaged to film our cooperation and the girls performance that they had later on for their neighbours on the yard. (Parallell with a moving camera we also caught the spacial situation with two still cameras of surveillance).

5 min fragments from the video.
Following changes are added into our version of the Hamletstory.
The videoinstallation at Stenasalen, Göteborgs Konstmuseum 2004.

Ophelia (Nelly) pretends to be crazy to make her surroundings unsure
and confused.
King Claudius (Klara) speaks to Laertes (Nelly) about how to eliminate Hamlet. ”To be or not to be...”Agnes is practicing Hamlets speach while the others are listening.