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Rat export Hamlet
About working process


About the working process with Rat export Hamlet (2003 - 2008):
Rat export Hamlet is a development of the project What if I was a rat, 2002. Here I wanted to study the fenomenon dramafilm and recreate it under new cercomstances where I let living rats do the acting. An importan part in the workingprocess with the film is the scenography where I build human environments, but in the scale of the rats. It creates a strong visuality when these scenographies in the film is combined with the living rats. Another important aspect of the videofilmwork is that I can not controle the rats behaviour. They are the way they are and they have their interests. I am forced to and I want to adapt my work with the film to the rats, so that they for example actively use the environments I have built for them. I filmed the installation with the rats from 12 different angels so that one situation was caught from many angels (closeup and faraway to make it more filmic). The editing of the videomaterial and the dramaturgic work with the Shakespeare drama was a long searching process to try and combine the rats with the drama. Also the rats sound (their movements in the installation) and the music which a musician created (we cooperated directing the music in relation to the rats in the film) are very important in the effort to try to create the feeling that the rats have the roles in the drama – the dramaturgy. ("Hamlet with my neighbours" is a pre research project for this film.)

Ilona Huss Walin

Pictures from building scenography, 2005


Pictures from filmingprocess, 2006

/Participants in the production of the film.

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