Ilona Huss Walin    
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Art projects

Skogens spontana processer / The forests spontanous processes, 2020. Video

  Loose compositions with fallen branches from the forest, and a video about close to nature forestry.

Why ecological forestry?, 2018


Text-installationer med nedfallna grenar fran skogen, 2018 -
(Text installations with fallen twigs picked up in the forest)

Plants and insects
Ongoing videoproject


Teckningar 2015 -
Teckningar/ Drawings


Heat, 2013-2015
Video project

  En lärares interaktion med sina elever, som inte längre finns där, 2009-2012
(A teachers interaction with his students, who no longer are there)

Video project
with several videos


Rat export Hamlet, 2003-2008
Video project/ Video


Hamlet hemma på gården, 2004
(Hamlet with my neighbours)
Video projekt


What if I was a rat?, 2002
Realtime film at nonTVTVstation and Moderna muséet, Stockholm.


Prästen, 1999
(The Preacher)
Performance project


Klonat Hem, 1998
(Cloned Home)
Installation in a room.

  Vardagsstjärnans musikvideos, 1998- 2001
(Everyday star, music videos)
Video project with several videos


Klonad Föreställning, 1998-2000
(Cloned Acting)
Performance project

  Vardagsstjärnan Live, 2000
(Everyday star, Live)

Performance project in Bergen
City promotion by citizens, 2002
Video project
during ArtgendaBiennal, Hamburg
Tänk på dig själv, 2003
(Think about yourself)
Printed photos at "By the way" artspace in
Untitled, 2003
Billboard during "Fiest/Hospitality", Århus